Thursday, November 19, 2015

One thing that i'm interested in is photography.  I enjoy taking pictures but i never really took it seriously.  I use a canon T3i which i find works great with sports pictures.  I use it to take photos of my dads hockey clinic as well as personal photos. Here are some pictures that i've taken with my camera. I also have a vsco account where you can see some more of my pictures!

Personal Artifact 2

Another artifact that is important to me is my photo wall. This is so important to me because it was a complete surprise that my mom put together last year.  Have you ever moved away from a place and had to start all over with new friends? I grew up moving around almost every year so photographs are something that i enjoyed taking and collecting with my friends.  Every time i look at this wall it reminds me of all the great times i've had with my closest friends.  I am always adding new pictures onto my wall.  I keep this on my wall because everyone in my life is very important to me and this wall is just a reminder to stay close to those people even if i live thousands of miles away from them.  I suggest that everyone adds a bulletin board in their rooms to do the same.

personal artifact 1

A personal artifact that is important to me is my evil eye necklace.
 This Necklace is important to me because my moms aunt got it for me as a gift.  She gave it to me this summer while i was visiting my family in Greece.  The evil eye is believed to protect its owner from evil spirits and jealousy.  My moms family is greek so they are strong believers in the evil eye and its always a tradition that they give one as a gift.  As you may know Greece is currently having some financial issues, so the fact that my moms aunt went out of her way and saved up her money to buy me this gift means so much.  I keep this necklace on me at all times because it is so important to her that i wear it